Bokragi or better known as "Krag" in game, is the last champion before Champion Cassie. Before that, he began in his home town of Tampa, FLA at age 10 setting out to become the greatest trainer in his region. Bokragi started his journey in 1995.

Little is known about his past so far, if the player wishes to speak to the retired champion, they must go to his house located in Tampa, a blue town on the way to Miami.

Some recent history

Champion 1998-2005

Bokragi held the Champion title for 7 years until Autumn of 2005, when Cassie, the main player's older sister challenged and defeated him with her pokemon.

The Human Blastoise

He is now often referred to as the human Blastoise due to the fact that he and his Blastoise fight fires with the local officials.

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Unlockable Boat Path 2

The 2nd Unlockable Boat Path can be achieved when the player recieves the National Dex from Professor Oak at Professor Palm's lab. This boat path will be available for dock from the Port of Ybor in Tampa. It is a sidequest where the player can choose to go along with the retired Champion Bokragi and his Blastoise to help fight off an Oil spill and Oil fires in the Gulf. It should be noted that the HMs Surf and Whirlpool will be needed for this sidequest.


Bokragi's Team